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About us

FLEXITUB, S.L. is a young and dynamic company, founded in 1987 Barcelona. Dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of flexible connectors for water and gas. The company is a pioneer within this sector in Spain.

The national and international development of FLEXITUB, S.L. is based on constant growth, involving the continual expansion of our facilities to incorporate the most sophisticated and up to date quality systems. Only in this way can we be completely sure of the safety of the products in the manufacturing process and thus meet all the regulations, certification and quality control procedures relevant to our activity.

The award of these certificates is recognition of the constant effort of the whole team at FLEXITUB, S.L.


  • MBVTI – Hungría Węgry / MT 09 1579
  • AENOR – Espańa Hiszpania / 001/00510
  • PCT – Rusia Rosja / POCC ES.HO03.C02249
  • MBVTI – Hungría Węgry / MT 09 1578
  • KIWA – Holanda Holandia / K-21862/02
  • PCT – Rusia Rosja / POCC ES.AB28.B01131
  • AR – Rumanía Rumunia / 016-05/3301-2009
  • CSTBat – Francia Francja / 29-1553
  • AR – Rumanía Rumunia / 016-05/3302-2009
  • DVGW – Alemania Niemcy  / DW-0304BT0006
  • MBVTI – Hungría Węgry / MT 05 0263 01
  • PCT – Rusia Rosja / POCC ES.AN50.H15517



The Flexitub brand product price list is being constantly updated to provide you the best possible price conditions in the rapidly changing market. If you are interested in the latest pricing, please contact us.

Locate the regional sales division



For your convenience, in order to place an order, please contact your distributor operating in the relevant region. Below is a list of distributors with their contact details.




al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 60/62
01-424 Warszawa

Tel. +48 22 877 37 04
Email: info@exec.com.pl




ul. Papieżka 81-83-85
87-800 Włocławek

Tel.  +48 54 414 89 90
Email: biuro@flormet.pl




ul. Zemborzycka 57A
20-445 Lublin

Tel. +48 81 740 82 09
Email: biuro@hydroexpress.pl



If you have any questions regarding our offer, technical characteristics of products, their distribution network or other issues – please use the form below. Alternatively, we recommend direct contact with the selected distributor. List of exclusive distributors in Poland and their contact details can be found in the section Orders.

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